America's Oldest Rowing Club
Ever Since 1838


Join Narragansett Boat Club to become part of a community of rowers encompassing all ages and abilities. NBC is open to all and welcomes new members at any time. Some of us row for the exercise and recreation while others are highly competitive. All of us row for the love of it—join us! 

Membership is for the calendar year: January 1–December 31. Regular Members, including spouse, U27 (ages 18-26) and 72+ (age 72 and above), have all of the rights and responsibilities of full membership as defined in the Policies & Procedures. Membership rights and responsibilities are also established in the Club Constitution, Article III.

Rowing privileges extend to children under 18. Non-rowing parents must become Regular Members for their children under 18 to row outside classes. Children under 18 must always be supervised by an adult club member.


  • Full access to boats that you are qualified to use, as determined by the Captain
  • Discount for classes in our regular NBC on-water rowing programs (private coaching classes are not eligible for discounts)
  • Social events, pot-luck parties, regatta participation
  • Mentoring and informal coaching from our master rowers, including video analysis and rowing clinics
  • Use of club meeting room for private functions
  • Formal and informal group rowing sessions
  • Participation in exclusive events, clinics, and fitness testing
  • Participation in club governance and decision making, including new boat acquisitions and improvements to the club’s facilities
  • Private rack rental: Available on a limited, yearly basis. 

Sustaining Club House members can use our facilities, including our ergometers, but cannot use our boats.

DISCOUNTS: To receive discounts for youth classes for your children, we will email coupons to all members that can be used when registering for classes on Regatta Central.

RESPONSIBILITIES: All members are responsible for Boathouse security to insure the safety of rowers and the protection of the equipment. Members are responsible for the operation of the Club through active participation on committees, the Board of Governors, work parties and other functions. Please consult the Policies & Procedures to fully understand what is required of the members.

For more information and questions e-mail the Secretary.


Membership dues for 2019 are $650 for regular members and $325 for spouses, U27, and 72+. The dues for Sustaining Club House members are $195. Members will receive an invoice by email.


To become a member, please fill out the membership application form. The NBC secretary will be in touch shortly afterwards with more information.