2017 Calendar of Events

Board of Governor (BOG) Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month.


13    6:30 PM BOG Meeting at 45 Medway, Providence


14    6:30 PM BOG Meeting at 45 Medway, Providence.

24    6:15 PM Annual Awards Party at 150 Chestnut Street

MARCH 2017

01  On the water with launch for experienced Regular Members

06  179th Anniversary of NBC's Founding

08  6:30 PM BOG Meeting at 45 Medway, Providence.

25  Brown Women at Princeton with Michigan State

27   First Day of Youth Spring (March 27-May 19) and Adult Session 1 Rowing Classes (March 30-May 5)

APRIL 2017

01  On the water with a partner or four oars on the water

01  Brown Women will race Radcliffe in Providence; Brown Men at Boston University

08  Brown Men race at Harvard; Brown Women at Lake Natoma Invitational

12   6:30 PM 1st Quarterly Meeting at 45 Medway, Providence.

15  Brown Men v. Northeastern in Providence; Brown Women v. Cornell in Providence 

22  Lincoln Invitational in Providence; Brown Men at Dartmouth

23  Brown Women v. Southern California in Providence

29 Brown Men at Princeton; Brown Women at Yale

29 Possibly Bay View Invitational

MAY 2017

01    Solo rowing begins, but there is still reason to be cautious. The Seekonk is still very cold.

06    Bay View may race in Farmington, CT again

08  Start of Session 2 Adult Rowing & Sculling Classes (May 8-June 17)

10    6:30 PM BOG Meeting at the Boathouse

14    Brown Women at Ivy Championship in Pennsauken, NJ

13-14 NBC Scholastic at Lowell Invitational

15    Brown Men at E.A.R.C. Eastern Sprints (Worcester); Brown Women at Ivy Championship (Pennsauken, NJ)

17    4:00 PM 10th Annual Rhode Island Interscholastic Regatta  

20-21 Northeast Regional Championships in Worcester, MA

27  Bay View and Lincoln to race in Worcester for NEIRA Championship Regatta

26-28  Brown Women at NCAA Championships (Mercer Lake, West Windsor, NJ)

29 Brown Women at NCAA Championships

30  Memorial Day - No Classes. Makeup day will be Friday, June 3

JUNE 2017

02-4 Brown Men at IRA National Championship Regatta (Lake Natoma, Sacramento)

04  9:00 AM - 12:00 PM National Learn to Row Day Open House and Introductory Rowing Lesson - Reserve a seat online. 

04 Brown Men at IRA National Championship Regatta

05 Brown Men at IRA National Championship Regatta

10  6:15 PM Spring Party (Possible date)

14  6:30 PM BOG Meeting at the Boathouse

19 Start of Session 3 Rowing & Sculling Classes (June 19-July 28)

19First Day of Youth 1 Summer Program (June 19-July 14) If there are lots of snow day makeups, we will hold some of the first days' classes after school. We will let you know via email. Hopefully it will have stopped snowing by May.

JULY 2017

04    Independence Day Observed - No Youth Classes. Make up date will be Friday, July 8.

12    6:30 PM 2nd Quarterly Meeting at the Boathouse

13    5:00 PM Cord Grass Sprints Regatta - Register Online 

15     7:00 AM Sweeps and Sculls Regatta Note: River Road will be closed to normal traffic from Irving Avenue to Angell Street.

18    Summer Youth 2 Classes Begin (July 20-August 14)


00     Session 4 Rowing and Sculling Classes Begin (August 3-September 10)

10     6:30 PM BOG Meeting at the Boathouse

11     5:00 PM Firebee Sprints Regatta - Register Online

28     First Day of Youth Fall Classes (September 1-October 25)


04     Labor Day - No Rowing & Sculling Classes - Classes will be made up on Friday, September 8

13    6:30 PM BOG Meeting at the Boathouse


11     6:30 PM 3rd Quarterly Meeting at boathouse

13     6:15 PM Annual Fall Party (Possible date)

18     Konquer the 'Konk Regatta starting 3:30 PM

23     Session 6 and Youth Fall Plus Classes Begin (October 24-November 17)


01     On the water with a partner or four oars on the water

08     6:30 PM BOG Meeting at 45 Medway, Providence.

17     Last Day of Session 6 and Youth Fall Plus Classes

18     9:00 AM Work Party (Possible Date)


13     6:30 PM BOG Meeting at 45 Medway, Providence.

22     Last day on the water (other than as provided in Policies & Procedures)


11     6:30 PM Annual Meeting at 45 Medway, Providence.

27     6:15 PM Annual Awards Party (Possible date.)

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held at the boathouse located at 2 River Road in Providence, 02906. If that does not work, use "794 Angell Street, Providence," which will bring your GPS close enough to the boathouse. Refer to this website's directions to find it.
Ph: 401-272-1838
PO Box 603011
Providence, RI 02906

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