NBC 2017 Rowing & Sculling Class Schedule & Fees

The Youth Spring Program application is now available. You can get a preview of the Youth Spring Application below, then go to the "Register for Classes" section. There will be a separate section for Adult Classes as well, but it's not ready yet. Please review the information below. We thank you for your patience. If you have questions, please call 401.272.1838.

2017 Open House and Introductory Rows

If you have never rowed and would like to try it, or if you have rowed before, and would like to pull an oar again, join us for a Saturday morning row in the barge.  There is no charge, so bring your friends and neighbors. Register online to reserve your seats.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time. We offer lessons for ages 13 and older, so bring the kids. In addition to all of this, you can register for classes.

Introductory rowing lessons will be held at 9:00, 9:45, 10:30, and 11:15 AM on these dates:

April 29 (New Date)    June 3     July 22     August 26

2017 Adult Classes, March 27 – November 17

Overall Layout of Schedule: Classes row 2 days per week: Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu for 6 weeks, for a total of 12 classes for Sessions 1-5. Dates and times are set for adult schedules, mornings from 6:00 to 9:45 AM and afternoons from 4:50-7:45 PM. Check the application forms for the exact time for each program offered. Beginners start in the barge and then move on to sculling in zephyrs.

If there is a holiday during any Mon-Thu configuration, we will usually makeup the class on Fridays.  Boat Club membership is not required for any of these classes, but, if you do join as a regular member, there is a $90 discount for rowing and sculling classes. There is no discount for the barge classes.

Session 1

Mon Mar 27 – Fri May 5

Session 2

Mon May 8 - Fri Jun 16

Session 3

Mon Jun 19 - Fri July 28

Session 4

Mon Jul 31 - Fri Sep 8

Session 5

Mon Sep 11 - Fri Oct 20

Session 6

Tue Oct 23 – Fri Nov 17

2017 Adult Classes & Fees

Beginner Barge for Novice Rowers: 12 Classes $130. For men and women who have no sliding seat rowing experience, but experienced rowers are also welcome.

Beginner Zephyr: $235. $145 for Members. If you successfully row through the 12 beginner barge classes, you are eligible to progress to the zephyrs, which are wide one-person sculling boats.

Advanced Sculling: $235. $145 for Members. This means continuing to row in the zephyr until you are ready to move into the Peinert Dolphins or 26s, and, if you are small enough, the x25.

Beginner Eights: $235. $145 for Members. You will need more than just the barge and zephyrs to go into an eight. Check with your coach to see if you might be ready. We will need at least 10 rowers and a coxswain to make this happen.  

Intermediate Eights: $235. $145 for Members. Check with your coach to see if you qualify for the intermediate eight. If we have two eights and one coach, a lower fee will be apply.

Quadruple Sculls: $275 for one quad; $235 for two quads. You’ll need to have demonstrated good ability to scull a single and possibly in doubles. Check with your coach to see if you are ready.

Coxswains: No fee. You’ll learn by doing. Your time will be set according to the need for coxswains in sweeps classes. Classes will be morning and/or evening. Pre-requisite: Coxswains must have taken at least the beginner barge and zephyr classes before moving into the coxswain seat.

Private Coaching: Regular Members Only. Arrangements and fees are determined in concert with scullers or rowers, coach, and Director of Rowing. Regular Membership Fee and coaching fees must be paid prior to first class meeting.

2017 Youth Rowing and Sculling Classes, Ages 13-19

Here is the sequence by boat and ability level:

1st Step - Rowing in the Barge: Novices are beginner rowers who have no sliding-seat rowing experience. Novices get the basics by learning to row in the barge with up 11 other persons and a coach. Boys and girls with no on-the-water rowing experience should row in the Spring Novice Barge/Zephyr program at 3:30 PM; or the 4:45 PM Novice Barge; or the 6:15 PM evening adult groups (Use the adult application). You can also begin your rowing career during the summer in Youth 1 or Youth 2.

Girls and boys who have already rowed in the barge and zephyrs are eligible to enroll in sculling and sweeps classes. Additional times and adjustments are set by special request or program need. 13 year old rowers may apply for the summer programs. 7th graders summers only.

2nd Step – Sculling in the Zephyrs: Barge rowers usually move on to learning how to scull individually, using two oars, in Zephyrs.  

3rd Step – Advanced Sculling & Sweeps: Zephyr scullers proceed to Advanced Sculling in Dolphins, Peinert 26s/X25s and/or Beginner Sweeps. These narrow boats are more sensitive to balance, but once the kids learn how to handle the oars, they can go much faster. If we have at least ten rowers for the Beginner Sweeps, we can put that class on the water.

4th Step - More Sculling or Intermediate Sweeps: From this point on, scullers and rowers who wish to get faster need to gain lots of mileage in sculling or eights, as well as do lots of rowing on the indoor rowing machines also known as Concept 2 ergometers. If you are really into rowing at this point, you will definitely want to join the Boat Club as a Regular Member.

2017 Youth Spring Classes, March 27 – May 19 are now underway. No more registrations are accepted. Check out Youth Spring Plus for classes you might enter, or Youth Summer.

 9th Annual RI Interscholastic Regatta: May 17, 3:30-7:00 PM at NBC for ALL levels of youth rowers. If the wind cooperates and the tide is high enough, the racing will be on the race course. If not, the boats will race from the Railroad Bridge to the south deck of the boathouse.

Youth Spring Plus (SP+), an additional four weeks of rowing, May 22-June 19: Sculling only for experienced rowers and scullers, which includes all of the boys and girls who started rowing this spring. $240 for four days per week; $120 for two days per week. Member discount: $45 four days/$25 for two days.

2017 Youth Summer Rowing & Sculling, June 19-August 11

Youth Summer 1st Session (SU1): Beginner and Experienced, Mon.-Fri. June 20-July 15, 7:15-9:00; 9:00-10:45 AM. 20 Classes $380. $270 for Members. Scullers and rowers who are really enthusiastic about rowing may row double-sessions for no additional charge. They can sign up for two time slots to row sweeps, scull singles, or do double sessions in sweeps every morning.

Cord Grass Sprints Regatta: Youth Summer 1 also includes the Cord Grass Sprints on July 14, 5:30-7:30 PM for adult and youth competition.

Youth Summer 2nd Session (SU2): Beginner and Experienced, Mon.-Fri. July 17-August 11, 7:15-9:00; 9:00-10:45 AM. 20 Classes for Beginners $380. $270 for Members. Scullers and rowers who are really enthusiastic about rowing may row double-sessions for no additional charge. They can sign up for two time slots to row sweeps, scull singles, or do double sessions in sweeps every morning.

This program also includes the Firebee Sprints Regatta on August 11, 5:30-7:30 PM for adult and youth competition.  

2017 Youth Fall Classes, August 28 - November 17

NBC Youth Fall Competitive Rowers and Scullers

Youth Fall Sculling (FX5 3:30) and Sweeps (F8+) 5 Days per Week, 3:30-5:30 PM, August 28 - Oct 20, 40 Classes. $560. $450 for Members: For speedy intermediate and advanced sweep rowers and scullers who are interested in racing.

Objective: We are trying to extensively develop the technique and stamina of each group.

Expectations: We expect all persons will have regular, if not spotless, attendance, a high regard for pulling really hard in the boats (and on the ergs), and a willingness to work extremely well with all members of the team and others who row out of the boathouse. Rowers will be selected for racing boats based on these pre-requisites.

Regattas: Shell transportation costs are included with this fee. Regatta entry fees are not. Regattas will be: Head of the Seekonk (9/__), Textile River Regatta (Lowell, 10/__), Head of the Woo (Worcester, 10/__), Head of the Charles (Boston, 10/__) and, of course, Konquer the ‘Konk (Providence, 10/18).

Special Requirement for Sweeps Rowers: Each rower must complete a 2000 meter Concept 2 erg test. Boys need to finish under 8:20; girls under 9:00. Everyone will to make a serious commitment to powering the boat. The tests will take place at 4:00 PM on Thursday, August 25th and at 12:00 Noon on Friday, August 26th. Email Lisa Evans at   to register for your erg test time slot.  

NBC Youth Fall Beginner and Intermediate Sculling Classes

Youth Fall Intermediate Sculling (FX5): 5 Days per week, 3:30-5:30 PM, Mon-Thu, Sep 12 - Oct 20, 30 Classes. $460. Members $350.

Youth Fall Beginner (Zephyr) and Intermediate Sculling (IX2): 2 Days per Week, 5:30-6:45 PM, MonWed or TueThu, Sep 14 - Oct 22, 12 Classes. $225. Members $145. Please use the adult application form to register for these afternoon classes.

Youth Fall Novice Barge (BN 3:30-4:50 PM). $90. No discounts. This class is for boys and girls two days per week, MonWed or TueThu. Space is limited to 12 rowers per group. Class starts Monday, September 5, runs for three weeks, ends on October 20. These youth barge rowers will be eligible to take Youth Fall Plus Zephyr classes that will start October 23. See below in Youth Fall Plus.

NBC Youth Fall Plus Classes, October 23-November 17

Youth Fall Plus Introductory Zephyr Classes (YF+Z): 2 Days per Week, 3:15-4:50 PM, MonWed or TueThu, 8 Classes. $120. $75 Members. This class is for a limited number of barge rowers from the Beginner Barge noted above, or Beginner Barge Rowers from the past who never have gone on to row zephyrs. Space is limited to eight per group. That’s a total of 16 scullers, so it will help to register early to gain a seat.

Youth Fall Plus Experienced Scullers and Rowers (YF+X4). 4 days per week only. Mon thru Thu. 3:30-4:45 PM. 16 Classes, $240. $150 for Members. Scullers will row singles and possibly doubles or quads, dependent upon their level of skill, the composition of the groups, and the availability of the shells. Scullers must arrive on time. Daylight will be extremely limited.

This Note Applies to all Classes: Classes are subject to instructor availability and the ability level of each rower/sculler. Classes may be adjusted at any time. The specific offerings for each time slot will change as the year progresses, so check RowNBC.org for program updates. To secure your spot, register online at least two weeks before each session’s starting date. Do not mail us your paper registration, since we will already have it online. Register and pay online with your credit card. There are no refunds once the first class has begun. Makeups for classes missed are possible if there is space within other currently ongoing classes. Classes cancelled by the coach will be made up on Fridays, or through some other alternative arrangement.

For more information, email   call 401.272.1838. Leave a voice mail message. If you wish to visit us in person, Ricky Brightman, our Registrar, will be available from 4:30-5:30 PM Monday through Thursday. Play it safe. Schedule an appointment.



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