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Olympic-style rowing requires special equipment and progressive, individualized instruction. The NBC Rowing Program makes both available to you and fulfills the Boat Club's objectives of developing amateur rowing and extending the enjoyment of physical fitness. If you are looking for instruction in rowing and sculling that will continue throughout the year, the Narragansett Boat Club is the place for you.

Prices for the various classes are listed in the application and the website section entitled 2015 Classes Schedules and Fees. All registrations, including Open House Sessions, are online. The application menu is listed to the right of your computer screen. Just click on the appropriate application and it will pop up. When you register, make certain to hit the "Submit" button before you log out. PayPal is also available for making your payments. 

The Barge

The Barge
Photo by Richard Friedrichs

Men and women with no prior sliding-seat experience begin their rowing careers in the barge. It is the foundation class for teaching the basic technique of sliding seat rowing and solid power application with the legs, as well as learning how to row with others in one boat. These classes teach you how to row with one oar (called a sweep), which then can be applied to rowing in both sweeps and sculling (using two smaller oars). The barge rows twelve persons at a time in Beginner and Exercise Barge Classes. After twelve (12) hours of barge instruction and successful demonstration of basic rowing technique, barge rowers are eligible for the zephyr, or continued rowing in the barge.


The Zephyr

Joan Zephyr Moving into the zephyrs is the first stage of your education in sculling. The techniques learned in these one-person boats can be easily transferred to all Olympic-style boats. Though slightly tippy, each boat has the stability beginners need to develop sound technique and good balance. Upon successful completion of the beginner zephyr class and the recommendation of the instructor, rowers may choose to continue sculling at more advanced levels in zephyrs, dolphins, or training singles.


The Dolphin and the Training Single 

Ruth Single Since dolphins and training singles are only about a 14-18 inches wide, they require more finesse and confidence. Therefore, the hours you devote to rowing in the barge and to sculling in the zephyr are well worth the effort. Beginning scullers will move from the zephyrs into dolphins and trainers as they develop their skills. Over time, with the recommendation of their instructor(s), these scullers may also row as members of a Beginner Eight.


The Racing Single

Racing Singles This boat is fast, less stable and much more fragile than all of the beginner boats. If we have enough qualified rowers, we will also have classes in racing singles. Boat Club members who wish to row on their own outside of class must be certified by the Club's Captain or Lieutenant (see Board of Governors) as described in Policies & Procedures, section 4. Even as beginners, men and women from the learn-to-row program can become Boat Club members and progress through these stages. 


The Eight

8 from above

The eight-oared shell, when it is rowed well, is the fastest of all Olympic boats. It requires coordinated balance and the precise power application of eight people. It is the ultimate team boat! Entry into the eights depends on a rower's previous experience. Men and women who have extensive sweeps experience are immediately eligible. Likewise, scullers who have progressed at least through the Zephyrs are also eligible to apply.


Youth Programs

Youth Men There are expanded opportunities for boys' and girls' sculling and sweeps in the spring, summer, and fall. Each season has classes for beginners, recreational rowers, and those who seek the challenge of competition. The Narragansett Boat Club has established a long history of developing young scullers and rowers who have raced well in regattas from the Seekonk River all the way to the world junior championships, which are usually held in Europe. As an added feature, the Boat Club also offers indoor rowing classes for juniors. Scheduled for after school hours, these sessions help boys and girls learn to develop ever-decreasing 2K times on the Concept2 indoor rowing machines. A fast 2K can light up the eyes of many college rowing coaches.


Next Steps

Next Steps Each year the schedule is built according to demand. Download the Schedule/Application for the coming session, and you will see what we mean. We prefer to row a full barge of at least ten rowers, so gather together with your friends and neighbors. Bring them to the Seekonk. From the barge you will move into sculling classes that usually number six persons for beginners and as many as eight for the more advanced classes. For the eight-oared shells, we need at least twelve rowers plus a coxswain to form a class. If the rowers are more advanced, we may combine them with additional boats. There is also the benefit of Boat Club Membership, which will enable you to row singles and other shells at least once a day, seven days a week, from March 1 until December 21, as well as row on the Concept2 ergometers year-round. If you wish to join the club, click on Membership.

Thanks to the success of our rowing and sculling program, the Narragansett Boat Club is strong and very active. Many program graduates have continued their enjoyment of rowing as NBC members by competing and winning in regional, national and worldwide events. They have also gone on to row in college. Many have also chosen coaching as their profession. Many more have discovered the beauty of the Seekonk River, maintained a high level of fitness, and enjoy life even more.

Youth at Race The Narragansett Boat Club is distinguished in its development of junior and masters champions in regional, national and world competition. Over the years, we have also developed a number of Olympians. Our secret is sticking with the basics: hard work, concentration on technique, and state-of-the art equipment.

For more information, email Albin Moser, the Director of Rowing Programs at or call 401.272.1838.

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